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Franchise law attorney Ashley Nielsen focuses her practice on assisting franchisees. She helps existing franchisees with a wide range of legal concerns that arise during franchise business operations. Drawing on her extensive franchise law background, Ashley works with franchisees throughout the United States.

Retail and Commercial Leases

If your franchise requires leasing retail or commercial space, the lease agreement defines your rights and obligations regarding the space. The provisions of the lease can significantly affect your business operations and finances. Even if your franchisor reviews and approves your lease, it’s still critical to have your own lawyer review the terms to protect your rights and business interests.

Unlike franchise agreements, virtually all the terms in a commercial lease are open for negotiation. Ashley Nielsen has the experience and knowledge to work through the lease agreement with you, discuss and explain the detailed provisions, identify terms that could potentially adversely affect your business, and suggest changes that could be beneficial. She can also assist with negotiation of the lease terms with the landlord.

When you receive the lease it likely will be very oriented in the landlord’s favor. As your attorney, Ashley can identify important provisions to negotiate in your favor, such as landlord representations and warranties, responsibility for repairs and expenses, maintenance obligations, notice and opportunity to cure default, terms and limitations of a personal guaranty, pass-through expenses, assignment or subletting in the event of sale, and other provisions typically included in a commercial lease.

Employment Matters

If you hire employees in your franchise business, Ashley can help with reviewing employee and operations manuals and policies, as well as assisting you with hiring, firing, and other employment issues that arise during the course of business. She also makes certain that you are aware of applicable federal and state laws affecting employer obligations and employee rights.

Entity Formation / Choice of Business Legal Structure

When you buy a franchise, determining the legal structure of your business is an extremely important decision. Ashley can help you understand the differences between a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), S corporation, and C corporation, and the advantages and disadvantages of each available type of structure. The entity choice for your business affects significant concerns like taxation and liability, as well as management and operations procedures. After you determine the best legal structure for your needs and goals, Ashley helps you complete all the necessary requirements to establish your business entity, including preparation of documents for filing and for your business.

If you own an existing business that is growing, you may want to reassess the structure of your business, especially if you did not have legal guidance when you set the business up initially. Ashley can also help current franchisees in that situation, with both evaluating the business structure and implementing a new structure.

Other Franchisee Legal Matters

Ashley Nielsen has the experience and knowledge to help you with a broad range of other legal matters relating to your franchise, including selling a franchise business and franchise renewal. You should never hesitate to contact Ashley if you encounter a problem during the franchise term.

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